Quality Testing Laboratory Analyst

Bayer Türk Kimya Sanayii Ltd Şti



  • Degree in agricultural engineering or Seed Vocational High School,
  • At least 4 years of experience in Laboratory Analysis Process or Seed agricultural industry,
  • Strong communication skills (written and oral – open, honest and flexibil) 
  • Computer proficiencies like Microsoft Office and SAP,
  • Fluent in English,
  • Results oriented approach,
  • Open to new and unconventional ideas and approaches,
  • Compitable with teamwork and respectful workplace.

Job Description

  • To support sampling and sample division steps 
  • Perform physical and biological tests 
  • To enter analyses results in SAP system
  • To  follow  the ISO45001, ISO 9001 and  ISTA rules
  • To do sampling and prepare sub-samples and working samples 
  • To record/perform  the Grower Payment Analyses samples and all Process samples
  • To prepare/ distrubute/ store samples according to “Control Plan” 
  • To perform all Lab analyses (WT, PP, TKW, moisture, dust, sample preparation,...) and enter results in SAP
  • To detect and inform  the non-conformitiess to Supervisor 
  • To prepare/packing the external lab analyses samples
  • To check the plant on the sampling.
  • To participate in 5S activities in the working area, comply with 5S standards requirements and continuously improving
  • To participate in operational review (TIER) meetings actively / regularly.
  • To monitor the performance indicators of the working area, update on the dashboard and when necessary take an action,
  • To actively participate in problem solving activities (fast, standard, major Kaizens, 6 Sigma projects) carried out in area of responsibility
  • To observe the ISG, quality, efficiency, improvement suggestion etc. in the factory reporting via suggestion system. 
  • To carry out the autonomous maintenance activities of own line in a timely and efficient manner.
  • To take an active role in the commissioning of new applications that comes with production system.